Calmer l'intellect pour connect to present

Charles Ostiguy joue de la guitare acoustique d'ambiance

In order to create a calm environment, I play guitar background music.

Soft and harmonious music helps us connect to the universe through the vibrations that run through our body, thus offering a moment of pause and inner contemplation, this promotes healing and regeneration of body and mind.

Everyone needs a time out and healing : soft and harmonious music satisfies this need for regeneration.

Charles Ostiguy, ambiant guitarist

To share the regenerative vibrations of music

Music plays a major role on the body, the intellect and the spirit. Thus, to contribute to the success of your activity, I propose soft and calm guitar sessions that allow people to feel good, to vibrate serenely and to fully enjoy the present.

I contribute to the well-being of people in different environments:

  • yoga and meditation session
  • cafe, bistros and restaurants
  • schools and daycares
  • old people's homes and accommodation center
  • hospital centers and clsc
  • respite home and support environment for vulnerable people

I am available and attentive to my clients in order to propose a formula that meets expectations and business needs.

Contact me, at to define your activity.

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