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All my musical practice is oriented towards the goal of experience intense moments of emotions and physical sensations actually felt.

My musical performance explores different states of mind and emotions. We experience daily sensations – pleasant and unpleasant – to help us recognize ourselves in a situation. Art and music help us recognize these sensations.

I embody different emotional and sensitive states through the musical performance so that the audience experiences a range of sensations, a bit like traditional circus: playing between tension and release throughout the performance.

I mainly use my compositions on guitar and vocals, then sometimes my djembe, my crystal bowls and my flute to navigate different sensitive and emotional states. 

Why hire Charles Ostiguy as a musician artist?

I have performed several times on stage, en solo et en groupe, pour différentes occasions : événement municipal, fête privée, activité de plein air, prestation en salle de spectacle, etc. Je possède une excellente expérience de scène, et je m’investis pleinement dans mon métier par la pratique et la formation continue.

I also offer ambulatory performances (street music) to animate and energize a public event.

Flute, djembe, guitar, vocals, flute, crystal bowl in sound therapy…I use the instruments I feel I need.  

To find out about my latest experiences and performances on stage and in musical entertainment of all kind, see my press kit.

Charles Ostiguy, musical artist to discover

Animate and energize your event to the rhythm of the music

My musical performances aim to bring life and to contribute to the event with the aim of experiencing sensations that are actually felt.

I animate different environments:

  • municipal events
  • festivals and public events
  • yoga and meditation session
  • cafe, bistros and restaurants
  • private parties
  • schools and daycares
  • old people's homes and accommodation center
  • hospital Center
  • respite home and support environment for vulnerable people

I move everywhere in Quebec, Quebec, therefore in Thetford Mines, Victoriaville, Saint-Georges, Chaudière-Appalaches, Estrie, Beauce, Centre-du-Québec, the Capitale-Nationale region, Montreal, Montérégie, Laurentians, etc.

To know my prices, contact me at

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