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Sound therapy – sound healing or sound healing – as vibrational medicine works by applying harmonic frequencies that resonate with different parts of the body to bring them back into balance.

For example, the Quartz crystal singing bowl is the only instrument that can produce pure sine waves. Thus, we can work on the 7 chakras by the specific frequency of each crystal bowl, each being associated with a chakra by its frequency and its musical note. 

Sound does not create new patterns or alien dispositions: it realigns or rebalances the energy flow naturally present in each individual and specific to each person, thus helping to reduce stress and anxiety.

How sound therapy works as alternative medicine

In sound therapy, I take the time to fully understand your needs. The first interview includes a medical check-up, and at the start of each session, I interested in all areas of your life (physical and psychological health, occupation of time, diet, relationships, social environment) in order to use the right instruments and work on the consequent chakras.

So that you feel good during and after the sound therapy session, I adopt a listening posture. These skills developed during my bachelor's degree in communication allow me to actively listen to your needs and to be proactive during the sound therapy session. I also ask you what you are looking to work on during the treatment and what your expectations are.

After the interview, I invite you to a quiet and relaxing environment in which you receive the right vibrations from the instruments. While remaining fully clothed, you can lie down on the floor or on a massage table (at your discretion). 

As a certified sound therapist by Life Changing Energy, I use different instruments, combined with the properties of stones, hands and the power of speech, observation and visualization to help you regain balance and balance in life.

I can stay put or walk around you. I can apply my hands and stones to your body – if you don’t want to be touched, that’s ok too, we will work accordingly.

Finally, I recommande quelques observations, chants énergétiques et affirmations positives to practice at home with the aim of developing your own regenerative abilities.

The sound treatment lasts from 45 minutes to 60 minutes, in addition to discussion before and after.

Presentation of sound therapy - alternative healing medicine through sounds

To book your sound therapy session

The price for one session is $95. The first session lasts from one and a half to two hours and the other sessions last one and a half hours.

Although the benefits of sound therapy appear quickly, I recommends multiple sessions to see long-term regenerative benefits. Thus, during a subsequent session, we can pick up where we left off the last time, which creates continuous work over time.

I offer my sessions in sound therapy at home, at 930, route 269 Sud in Saint-Jacques-de-Leeds.

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