Ressentir, connect à soi, aux autres et à l'univers

Photo de Charles Ostiguy à la guitare à Québec

Just like I do for myself, I help people à ressentir et à connecter à soi, aux autres et à l’Univers. Composer, pratiquer et partager la musique afin que nous puissions nous sentir en tant qu’être humain. Se sentir bien, mal, en forme, fatigué… bref, se reconnaître comme nous sommes.

Augmenter notre capacité d’introspection et d’observation par les fréquences avec une approche invitante et accessible.

I use different tools to achieve my mission : musical awakening workshop, jam session focused on group sharing, musical tale, energetic songs, philosophical and spiritual discussion., musical contribution to meditation and yoga sessions, sound bath, individual sound therapy treatment, musical entertainment for vulnerable people… And I am open to suggestions!

Formations, expériences et adhésion

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Who am I?

All my practice is directed towards the goal of favoriser la connexion à soi-même et aux autres through the accessible sharing of music in minimizing the academic and theoretical structures of music.


Musical practice dates back to adolescence at the same time that many things were happening: parental divorce, secondary school, consumption... Without really knowing why, I was drawn to music, and I then practiced the electric guitar.

Lots of musical projects then nourish my journey: many sessions with friends, a few conventional music groups and the job of singing, all in a theoretical and modern learning process of music.

But something is missing. 

At the same time, I experimented with different professions: diver, web strategist, agricultural labourer, forestry technician, window cleaner… not to name them all. There is always a void that anguishes my existence stripped of deep meaning.

I travel in Europe, the Middle East, Asia and the Maritimes. Spiritual and philosophical practice then settled in my life. I read books on mythology, sacred texts, philosophers and authors on the subject.

I am starting to explore the power of sound healing, which I abandoned, because it seemed to me, at that time, that this profession was inaccessible to me. On the other hand, I now practice art to share spirituality and philosophy with a goal, hitherto not assumed or camouflaged, of connecting to regenerative vibrations and, by extension, to the universe. 

My two children are turning my life upside down, of course. I move to the countryside to grow organic fruits and nuts on my modest orchard at home while continuing my philosophical and spiritual journey: well-being, self-knowledge and daily practice.

I then abandon the idea of ​​living from my music to make the music live: sharing the vibrations rather than appropriating the merit of creation. While continuing to create for fun, my ultimate goal is to make regenerative sound vibrations accessible to connect to the universe while creating a nourishing living environment through the forest and agriculture.

Any question? Contact me,we'll talk.

Pieds au-dessus de la mer de Java, photo par Charles Ostiguy

Artistic path

I compose and practice music since adolescence, during which I took two years of guitar and singing lessons.

When I arrived in Saint-Félicien, then a young adult, I practiced the djembe in a group during festive evenings. Loneliness in nature leads me to compose songs halfway between pop-rock and punk-rock.

A few years later, from 2010 to 2016, I played several times on stage with two ephemeral and solo groups, mainly acoustic indie folk compositions.

Playing in the streets of Quebec and around the world sharpens my contact with the public and the present moment, and traveling nourishes the inspiration for the composition and creation of songs.

I explore the sound healing in 2015, which I am temporarily putting aside for various reasons.

Accompanied by my guitar, I sing and record my solo demo in 2019. I'm currently composing and recording a complete indie folk album.

Solo, I'm adopting folk rock songwriter formulas in 2020, which I'm abandoning at the end of 2022 to focus on musical entertainment, composition and sound healing.

At the same time, the video game electronic music composition occupies my time from 2014. My latest electronic music EP, released in 2021, has four songs.

Since 2018, I draws and writes a text of spiritual interpretation and creative writing text for each design.

When I arrive in Saint-Jacques-de-Leeds in 2021, I become a member of the Appalachian Region Art Center (CARA). Participating in training and events offered by the Center helps me improve my visual arts.

From my drawings, I design clothes in Photoshop, I print and I sell all kinds of linen: pants, t-shirts, hats, bags, etc.

In 2022, I am organizing musical awakening workshops for children and musical improvisation sessions with adults.

At the end of 2022, I start my course in sound healing, which fascinates me and nourishes me enormously. I incorporate these concepts into my personal and professional life.

I am extending my offer of leisure activities: musical awakening workshop, jam session focused on sharing, energetic singing, musical storytelling, event musical entertainment, musical contribution to yoga and meditation sessions, intervention with vulnerable people …

Create to transform, connect and regenerate.

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