Photo de Charles Ostiguy à la guitare à Québec


I have been composing and practicing music since I was a teenager.

Je souhaite partager les bonnes vibrations de l’univers par l’entremise de l’art. Nager, ensemble, dans l’océan du bonheur par l’entremise de l’art et la prestation musicale.

Ma raison ultime de pratiquer et de créer  est de partager des moments uniques et d’accéder à un espace-temps guérisseur et unificateur.

Consultez mon dossier de presse en art visuel.
Consultez mon dossier de presse en musique.

Who am I?

I am an earthling. Oh well, I try. I wish to live in peace and harmony within my social and natural environment.

To create a living environment where plenty of healthy food is produced and within which we can play along different social groups: that is my wish.

My adult life began with a Diploma of College Studies in forestry at the Cégep de Saint-Félicien and a baccalaureate in communication at the Université de Sherbrooke.Various trips in Europe, Middle East and Southeast Asia have allowed me to broaden my consciousness and to understand the universality of human being.

Dishwasher, web marketer, farmer, forestry technician, window washer... and also father, street musician, herbal tea (and beer!) drinker show different aspects of my background.

Any question? Contact me,we'll talk.

Pieds au-dessus de la mer de Java, photo par Charles Ostiguy

Artistic path

The practice of music is revealed to me in my early teens, when I was twelve years old. I start with the electric guitar with 2 years of private lessons, followed by djembe in CEGEP with festive evenings then theoretical practice of singing for 2 years in private lessons.

I started composing music in 2010, either by computer with a software or by writing in a notebook and scratching my guitar.   

My first band, in 2011, is a failure because I lack both artistic experience and spiritual maturity. Various events (breaking, disease and traveling) in 2015 bring spiritual practice in my life and, as a result, in my compositions.

I gave many shows so far, either alone or with a band. To play on the street of our beautiful world or at Quebec city allowed me to have a better contact with the moment and the people. 

Various electronic and acoustic composition and drawing and writting are born from this path. 

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