Le Désert des Soupirs Éveillés

Data sheet

Completion date: mai 2, 2020
Medium: paper
Dimensions: 11’ x 14’
Technique and materials: oil pastel, ink pen, charcoal, lead pencil
Reproduction: clothing, posters, calenders, wallpaper, other promotional item clothing, posters, calenders, wallpaper, other promotional item
Prix : 585 $

Artist statement

Lead dominates the foreground while pastel occupies the second plan. In the third plan, we find traces of ash and darkness, drawn in black pastel in lead and charcoal.

The pastel represents the evil force, or destructive energies, that roam all over our environment. Intangible, these forces bring negative ideas, dark emotions, hardships, and also sickness, suffering and death. On a spiritual level, the red-orange color, the fire of hell, and the traces of blood coming from the sensitive world represent these destructive energies. In this material world, in the foreground, these evil forces are manifested by small evil creatures (in the center of photo 3) as well as by the devil himself (to the right of photo 3), drawn in lead. Beyond this embodiment of evil lie dark ideas represented by "x's" and a hole in the image.

The absence of the pen in the majority of this drawing evokes the lack of love that reigns there: black and white takes on the absence of joy and denounces the dull and monotonous existence of the beings who inhabit it. So pastel, the spiritual sphere, contains a lot of black and sends waves of destruction into the material world. The evil one draws its source from water contaminated by evil, represented by blue pastel (photo 6), and the channel, drawn in pastel and charcoal and connecting the water source to the fire of hell, leads this water blackened by corruption and misfortune. One might think that it is potable water and even purifying water: evil creates illusions of happiness.

However, we find the word "no" written in ink in the upper left part of the drawing (photo 7). Two gods on either side of the "no" cry out to try to help this world of suffering. In fact, greenery surrounds the gods (pastel green), a sign of abundance of vital plants, on the one hand, and unconditional love and forgiveness (according to the chakra theory), on the other. A thick, straight line of lead separates the world of the gods from the sick world, for the gods sit in a different world while observing the living, such as Olympus. By observing more closely, we notice a part of the presence of these gods on different places of the drawing (example: above the head of the devil). The gods occupy and will occupy space, no matter how suffering the world is.

Photo 5 evokes the carnage beast of this world of suffering. Its head feeds on the contaminated water evoked in photo 6 by the blue pastel. Thus, the beast of materialized evil feeds on suffering and misfortune. She can't understand why the gods abandoned her, but she continues to feed herself the only way she knows how. Ignorance of happiness - absent in this drawing - prevents him from aspiring to it.

Creative writing (French only!)

I'm bleeding in my heart without mercy
Hurt that I never existed
And yet, there, it beats,
And I fight his rhythm with a weary step
I escape from my madness
She who pursues me, she follows the desire to die
But have I ever lived
Out of the incessant din that haunts my dreams
Gifted with voluntary simplicity
Why does my body butcher the carnal envelope - friendly fire -
I run away from her without wings
The artifices shine with a crash existing in the mirage of time

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