Vibrate together through music to connect

Jam session-type music initiation activities offers children and adults the opportunity to try out different musical instruments with minimal supervision.

During the group musical improvisation session, when the dynamics lend themselves to it, the facilitator starts basic rhythms in order to create a common rhythm, in group. Also, guitar and voice songs are offered in the same vein.

Several musical instruments are available: tambourine, guitar, ukulele, flute, maracas, djembe, bells, wooden spoon and other percussion.

It is also possible to amplify the instruments and thus to play instruments that require speakers: electric guitar, bass, microphone...

music for all

Musical practice promotes well-being. Allowing adults to practice music in a group in a context of pleasure and sharing contributes to a better communication, self-confidence and release from the stress of everyday life.

I prioritize the connection to sound and musical vibrations by accessible sharing of music by minimizing the academic and theoretical structures of music. 

In other words, the important thing is to live a moment that contributes to to feel good, to live a regenerative moment and to promote harmony with oneself, others and the universe. Or, experiment with musical vibrations to feel the therapeutic power of art.

Why a jam session with Charles Ostiguy?

  • To share the good vibes of sound
  • To connect through music
  • To try and practice different instruments
  • To forge social ties while having fun
  • To relax soberly
  • To offer an accessible musical activity for all levels

To make your event lively and vitalizing

The purpose of the musical improvisation session is to unite people, connect through music and thus live a moment that allows access to regenerative vibrations.

I contribute to the well-being of people in different environments:

  • municipal events
  • festivals and public events
  • schools and daycares
  • old people's homes
  • hospital Center 
  • respite home and support environment for vulnerable people

I move everywhere in Quebec, Quebec, therefore in Thetford Mines, Victoriaville, Saint-Georges, Chaudière-Appalaches, Estrie, Beauce, Centre-du-Québec, the Capitale-Nationale region, Montreal, Montérégie, Laurentians, etc.

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