Data sheet

Completion date: 2022

Support : paper

Dimensions : 8,5’ x 11’

Technique and materials: pastel, ink

Reproduction : none

Price : 450 $

Artist statement

The work represents a volcano, materialized in ink. It emits fiery energy in motion and in fusion with the other energetic elements that naturally gravitate in the air and in space: the subtle energy, represented in pastel, is everywhere.

Blue ink illustrates most of the volcanic mass. It refers to the inert state of the mass – it is there, but does nothing but be there. We see intricate patterns, paths taking unexpected directions, like in life, and we find the beauty of the Universe in those moments. On our way appear new faces, experiences and many discoveries, if we dare our way. 

The black ink dominates the upper part of the volcano with its blackness intrinsically linked to fire, magma and ashes… It protects the material structure of the volcano from its own strength.

The red ink, located on the volcanic walls, shows the identity energy of the entity. On the surface, the thick red pen lines protect and reveal the ego, the mask, the identity. These screens take on the responsibility of protecting – on the surface – being, like the masks and frames in our society. Although essential to the citizen, it taints our relationships and hinders the fair, natural and daily incarnation. 

In the upper center of the drawing is the fiery mass of the volcano: created by its internal power, it rotates, vibrates and orients towards the west emitting different sensitive impulses, perceptible or not by the material and immaterial elements that live there . The creation of the volcano possesses material and subtle scope.

Thus, in our world, spiritual and intangible energies surround us, cause changes in our material environment and can in this sense affect us physically, mentally and spiritually.

Human beings have the ability to materially and immaterially create masses of energy. Concretely, they manifest themselves in arts and crafts, speech, prayer and physical activity (including work). These creations possess their energetic baggage, influencing their environment according to their emotional and sensitive charge.

Creative writing (French only!)

L’on voit une tornade d’expression

Le vent, le feu, l’eau… le sang, l’esprit, le cœur

Trinité formée du corps, de l’intellect et de l’esprit

Forme l’entité qui laisse priser l’air

Un tel est clos, d’un autre naît l’écho

Est-ce un œil ou un deuil?

Car je questionne l’existence justifiée

L’être avide vide ne peut se perdre que s’il perd sa perdition.

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Dessin abstrait de Charles Ostiguy à l'encre, pastel et numérique

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