Data sheet

Completion date: december 4, 2018
Medium: paper
Dimensions: 11’ x 14’
Technique and materials: oil pastel, ink pen
Reproduction: clothing, posters, calenders, wallpaper, other promotional item
Prix : 450 $

Artist statement

Les visages et les liens qui les relient se situent au premier plan de l’image, dessinés majoritairement à l’encre. En deuxième plan, on retrouve des traces de pastels, qui représentent la spiritualité inhérente à la vie animale. La trace jaune sur la photo 3 accorde une force vitale à l’oiseau, tandis que le pastel bleu dans le haut du dessin démontre une intelligence communicatrice.

There are also traces of pastel in the upper and lower right corners of the image. These spiritual energies, often intangible, however punctuate our daily life, without our being aware of it. Intangible energies affect us all, even if we try to ignore them.

There are several human and animal faces in the drawing. The faces illustrate the diversity of beings. The bird animal (black ink in the center) and the clown (lower right red ink) dominate image 3, and in photo 5 there is a black face with red tongue. This mischievous face, drawn by straight lines, is surrounded by curves and different colors to him. Intelligence, rational, straight, square, is surrounded by sensitivity, sinuous, intuitive, round.

Through the labyrinths of living things (black ink then blue in the center of photo 6), the will connects sensitivity and intelligence by allowing the being to pass from one to another: thus the trilogy is formed. These labyrinths, ubiquitous between living things, illustrate the complexity of human cognitive patterns.

Creative writing (French only!)

Gutted Platform Trilogy
She escapes the spell she has cast
No one comes out of their assumptions unscathed
Even if she weighs the fiery embers
Let them be silent, the infamous
Let them burn, the blames
Let them disappear, the opinions
Because the trilogy cycles life.

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Dessin abstrait de Charles Ostiguy à l'encre, pastel et numérique

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