Experiment the healing by sound

All the civilizations have experimented with sound healing as vibrational medicine, or sound therapy, one way or another.

  • The Native Americans use singing and drumming for different rituals and for healing in order to harmonize with the great whole, creation.
  • In ancient china, we combine sound therapy with acupuncture to reduce pain. The Taoist sage Lao Tzu writes on the therapeutic virtues of sound In Tao Te Ching and recommends listening to music several times a day to purify oneself.
  • The pythagoreans (500 to 300 BC) note the benefits of music on the health of the body by studying the harmonious resonance of specific sounds which they use to create healthy resonance in the body.
  • Plato asserts that music, by its very nature, influences mood in predictable ways. He establishes the correspondence of the vibratory tones with the glands, organs and functions of the body. 
  • Ayurveda, the oldest system of Indian medicine, considers sound to be essential for meditation and breathing exercises: sound has a positive effect on breathing, blood circulation, the nervous system and the endocrine glands. 
  • And we can go around the world in this way, both in ancient and current practices.

Scientific basis of sound therapy

The brain produces different electrical patterns – brain waves – which govern the body. They are measured in hertz and determine the state in which we are.

For example, Beta waves (14-20 hertz) are associated with logic and effective functions while Alpha waves (7.5-14 Hz) are associated with the state of relaxation and light meditation. There sound therapy trains the frequencies that allow relaxation, sleep and meditation, thus contributing to reduce stress and anxiety by promoting a state of letting go and letting go.

As the famous Einstein mentions it: nothing rests, everything moves, everything is vibration. All the particles in the universe and in our body are constantly vibrating.

By principle of resonance, any vibrational system can bring another vibrational system with it. In other words, the cells of the human body synchronize to the most powerful vibration. It happens all the time, our frequencies change all the time depending on the vibrations they receive: music, noise, machinery, nature sounds, television… and crystal bowl, sound bath and energetic singing used by the alternative medicine that is sound therapy.

Resonance and sound healing as vibrational medicine

Since everything is constantly moving and the most powerful vibrational system drives another vibrational system, the use of desirable and intentional frequencies to contribute to feeling good and fully alive makes sense. 

Sound travels through water. It can travel far without losing energy (for example, whales communicate over long distances). Our body, made up of water, therefore represents a privileged channel to receive regenerative frequencies. sound baths crystal bowl, among others.

Thus, the sound therapist uses instruments with specific frequencies that bring the body into a state of relaxation, meditation and sleep, which promotes letting go, letting go and the release of stress, anxieties and emotions. This state allows the parasympathetic nervous system to secrete the hormones responsible for the regeneration of organic tissues, or cells that make up our body. 

Se sentir grâce à la sonothérapie​

Here are some proven benefits of sound therapy as energy medicine: 

  • Contribute to reduce inflammation
  • Promotes the organ cleansing and the regulation of their functions
  • Stimulates the blood circulation and the immune system
  • Release emotional blockages and stagnant energies
  • Reduces stress and anxiety
  • Promotes letting go and inner freedom
  • Work on body-mind-spirit harmonization and spiritual guidance

All in all, the sound therapy as energy medicine contribue à se ressentir, to connect with oneself and to find one's inner self while allowing the regeneration of body and mind.

The quartz crystal singing bowls used in sound therapy produce multidirectional sounds which touch the body in several places: we then experience an interior massage which relaxes the cells and harmonizes them.

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