Data sheet

Completion date: october 12, 2018
Medium: paper
Dimensions: 11’ x 14’
Technique and materials: oil pastel, lead pen
Reproduction: clothing, posters, calenders, wallpaper, other promotional item
Prix : 315 $

Artist statement

The drawing has three major components. The eye and the tribal body are in the foreground, drawn in lead and pastel, while traces of lead and pastel are in the background.

The eye, located in the foreground in the lower left center of the drawing and drawn in lead pencil and purple pastel - the color of the deity according to the chakra theory - allows you to see what, at first glance, seems invisible . The invisible, the dull, represented by the gray of lead, sometimes blocks clairvoyance, this other form of vision, which allows access to God. The dull color of gray fades in the background of the drawing to give way to purple, again in the foreground. This is how the transition takes place between the perception of the material world, at the forefront of our life, and clairvoyance, or access to the divine plane, always present regardless of the level of consciousness of the being.

The tribal body, that body formed from past, present and future experiences, is located just behind the eye. This body is forged according to events, thus creating labyrinthine, complex, and, consequently, living patterns. The alternation of lead and pastel represents the two dominants of the brain: the rational aspect and the emotional aspect. Or the material world and the spiritual world. These two dominant ones, interrelated and interdependent, form a whole: the being lives thanks to its spiritual connection and bodily roots.

The traces are above the eye and behind the tribal body, and they are in the background, because they subsist after the existence of the eye and the body. Paler and more dispersed than the first two components, they are composed of the same colors as those of the body and the eye, for the traces left come from the material and spiritual body of the soaring beast. The traces occupy more space than the body itself: this moving body circulates, changes its anchor point, and fades in time.

Creative writing (French only!)

I am the beast who flies away
On the rise of a choppy tide
Docked at the occurrence of a reason
He suggests…
Do not handle anything, war with my etheric body is over
I am the line of my infinite thoughts
They draw the vastness of the cosmos
And land to the warm cradle to regenerate.
Leaving traces in the four corners of my diagram
Which I'm desperately trying to get out of
But, impossible, because I live

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Dessin abstrait de Charles Ostiguy à l'encre, pastel et numérique

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