Animate the magic of Christmas with music

Charlie-Magie, the Christmas elf, offers musical show for children by singing famous Christmas songs such as: Vive le Vent, Petit Papa Noël and L’enfant au Tambour.

The elf likes to joke with children by acting out any kind of clownish emotion : surprise, fear, sadness and joy, for example. So the show is also a comedic and fun time.

Thanks to his musical awareness workshop experience, Charlie-Magie offers a diverse Christmas repertoire while involving children and playing different emotions that combine laughter and music.

A Christmas show by and for children

Joy, pleasure and musical expression are there during the Christmas show: the Christmas elf takes the children with him into the music so that they experience a magical and unique musical moment.

Thus, the show takes the form of an interactive concert to which children are invited. The children sing, play percussion provided by Charlie-Magie and dance to the rhythm of the music.

The Christmas show allows children to participate in music through different means, all with joy and pleasure.

Instruments de musique pour atelier d'éveil musical avec les enfants, thetford mines, beauce, québec

Presentation of the children's Christmas show with Charlie-Magie

Testimonials from happy partners (in French)

Une belle rétrospective des plus grands classiques de Noël. Une animation dynamique en toute simplicité où les enfants peuvent participer au son des percussions à leur plus grand plaisir."

To share Christmas music with children

Formulas of 30 minutes to 1 hour are available for children's Christmas shows.

I offer the Christmas show in different settings:

  • CPE and daycare
  • School
  • Library
  • Municipal and miscellaneous events
  • Private party

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