Vibrate in unison with the Universe through music

For a public event, the library, a shelter, a hospital centre, a mutual aid centre, a meditation or yoga practice, a leisure class or a private party,I help people to connect to the universe, to access regenerative vibrations and to live a vitalizing moment through music.

I compose acoustic music, indie folk to be precise, to partager les vibrations de l’univers.

I compose ambiant guitar music to create inner calm, regenerate and live fully.

I compose music inspired from video games to expel tensions taken in our body and intellect.

I offer musical performances to promote well-being, joy and connection to positive frequencies while being sensitive to the public.

I animate musical connexion activities accessible by music jam session to everyone.

I share music to the children with musical awakening workshop so that they integrate the power of sound healing from an early age.

I compose music tracks to connect the listener to regenerative vibrations and healing.

I create contes musicaux pour faire vivre une aventure musicale et littéraire immersive.

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