Ouvre ton Coeur

Data sheet

Completion date: 2022
Medium: paper
Dimensions : 12’ x 16’
Technique and materials: pastel, ink
Reproduction: none
Price : 545 $

Artist statement

In the center of the image is the heart, which emits three rays of light (in yellow pastel). They represent the body, the mind and the intellect. Each ray sends the Love of the heart to the three components of the trinity of the spirit so that the being in question lives with harmonious pulsations. If the Human listens to his heart, his life will be harmonious. But the heart must be coherent with our mind and our sensitive body in order to be able to operate fully.

A dark force, in black pastel, crosses the heart. Emotionally, one speaks of the hurt of adolescence or ego, depending on how you look at it. No matter how you interpret it and experience it materially, this negative energy exists and reaches us all. The heart must therefore, always in coherence with the trinity, channel the energies towards the light rays to eradicate and thus guarantee its vitality through its harmonious functioning.

Fighting the evil that passes through us remains a kind of universal fight: we all have a major weakness, a kind of shortcoming born, among other things, from injury and also from culture, environment, aptitudes, etc. However, rather than seeing it as a fight, let's see it as an energy to be channeled. Instead of resisting, transforming.

Moreover, if the evil is too strong and too great in our life, we must understand that something is wrong with our incarnation, our existence. It can be of a varied order: occupation of time, relationships, love, lifestyle, family, etc. But all of these “reasons” lead to a common source: the inconsistency of the trinity. Very difficult to practice - because it is never acquired since we live and therefore evolve - it is the source of happiness, and, to achieve it, we must practice philosophy, spirituality and physical activity: these are the three foods of the trinity (body: physical activity; intellect: philosophy; spirit: spirituality).

To return to the drawing, the diagrams illustrated by the ink represent the course that the heart will accomplish during its embodied existence. The three extremities, you will guess, illustrate the accumulations, influences and material interventions of the components of the trinity. They come from more or less known places, but still act on the body of the individual, and consequently, draw his course.

The earth sends love and energy to every individual. Represented by a triangle of pastel orange, brown and green, this energy channel provides energy accessible to anyone who wants to connect to it. One can feel a wave of energy from the heart to the top of the head in a spade shape if one practices the consequent exercises and state of mind: the blue pastel ball attunes the energy of the earth to the 'individual. 

Finally, the sun, drawn in yellow pastel, shows the almost infinite presence of its source: it emits constantly, like the lighthouse that guides travellers, although looking at it is misleading. 

Creative writing (French only!)

Le cœur ne commet jamais d’erreur

Il ouvre à la porte

Apporte tes clameurs d’éclaireur

Chœur brisé au profit de l’individualité surmené

Formant la division, déformant notre tissu social

Met leur a la brise et aux cendres un lien

Mon pouls, ton pouls, notre pouls

Son idée, vos idées, leurs idées

Seul au temps des rancœurs

On juge l’autre par ses peurs

Ensemble au rythme des frères et sœurs

On déploie notre aura au ras de la Terre et du Ciel.

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Dessin abstrait de Charles Ostiguy à l'encre, pastel et numérique

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