Le Chevalier des Chakras

Data sheet

Completion date: october 10, 2019
Medium: paper
Dimensions: 11’ x 14’
Technique and materials: oil pastel, ink pen
Reproduction: clothing, posters, calenders, wallpaper, other promotional item
Prix : 575 $

Artist statement

In the foreground, we find the material representation of the human, drawn in ink: his body, his wounds, his patterns and his cells. In the background, we find the spiritual representation of the human, drawn in pastel.

The largest common part, in the center, illustrates the trunk. The trunk is constantly moving: our cells are working tirelessly. Thus, the mazes drawn in ink expose the mechanisms of the human body. The red energy line borders the left side of the body, representing the being's rooting in his bodily temple. From the bottom to the right, the yellow energy diagonal illustrates the life force of the material body. Finally, the blue arrow penetrating the human body exposes the importance of infallible communication, otherwise the knight will lose his vitality if he allows himself to be reached by malicious words.

At the end of the trunk, in the lower center and in the right center (photo 7), you can see his legs. The simplicity of the leg design illustrates the rigidity and uprightness that comes with healthy legs. Thus, the knight can always move without getting tired.

Its two arms, one lengthwise from left center to lower left, and the other from right center to upper right, have energy balls at their ends. These power forces, drawn in pastel and in the background, represent the creative energy emanating from the hands. The left arm (photo 4) has a divine (pastel violet) and clairvoyant (pastel indigo) strength. Given that we live in an age of identity and roles, the right arm (photo 6) - the majority of people are right-handed - possesses creative, identity and sexual strength (orange pastel), thus illustrating our definition of human in its community: individualism.

Finally, unlike other parts of the body, green pastel dominates the knight's head, located in the upper center of the drawing (photo 5). Represented by the color of love (still in chakra theory), the head follows the needs of the heart. Heart, love and forgiveness dominate the choices of the knight who, without his beat, could not live and fight for the glory he seeks to embody. Drawn in ink, the material still crowns the head, because it remains essential to ensure a fluid and coherent circulation in the mechanical world of the head for the knight to live healthily.

Creative writing (French only!)

The warrior stands for the election of crosses
Crossed with iron by his opponent
Ally of a past life that marked him so much
But the knight will never be able to rest
Because, haunted by his nightmares and guided by his dreams
He pursues the quest for the impossible
Persecute the demons that inhabit and assail him
All this time, latent in him
All this time, marked for life

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