Live and share the vibrations of music

For a public event, the library, a shelter, a hospital centre, a mutual aid centre, a meditation or yoga practice, a leisure class or a private party,I help people to feel the benefits of music, to access the vibrations that do good and to live a vitalizing moment through music.

I offer musical performances to animer les activités et événements ou pour créer une ambiance musicale calme propice aux échanges et à la discussion.

Je propose des prestations déambulatoires (musique de rue) accordées à l’événement et à la vibration du moment.

I share music to the children with musical awakening workshop so that they develop an interest in music while having fun.

Custom musical creation

I compose music tracks to accompany videos of all kinds.

I animate jam session-type music initiation activities by music jam session accessible and accessible to all ages and levels.

I create contes musicaux pour faire vivre une aventure musicale et littéraire immersive.

To feel good and vibrate to the sound of music

The different musical activities that I propose have as a common goal to feel good, regenerate, revitalize and connect to the universe through music and thus to live a moment that is good for our being.

Musical performance, musical awakening workshop, accessible jam session... and any other project related to my philosophy and my technical skills deserve our attention.

Contact me, at to define your activity.

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