Share the vibrations by children's musical tale

The musical tale invites the child to dive into history with a musical and immersive activity. While the tale is read, the facilitator punctuates the story with musical and educational interventions. 

The interactive workshop, which is part of the chosen story, allows children practicing music in a fun and accessible environment. An artistic, original and fun activity. 

Framed by simple and clear instructions, the children receive musical instruments in order to participate in the musical tale.

During and after the tale, a story-related learning activity is offered to the group. The parent is then invited to participate in order to reunite with their child, connect through music and live a magical moment with your family.

Different musical tales as an artistic activity for a group of children

Six musical tales explore different concepts and musical instruments : rhythm, movement, dance, song and percussion.

Thus, in Pokko and the drum, we explore different basic rhythms with percussion, while in Rockorico, we practice singing and voice variations: singing, talking and shouting.

Musical storytelling, an original artistic activity for groups of children, promotes moments of connection between children, parents, children's literature and music.

The benefits of musical and artistic activities

Why a musical tale as an artistic activity for a group of children?

  • To promote self-esteem, concentration and cognitive development
  • To stimulate interest in reading, writing and music
  • To develop artistic abilities in an original musical universe
  • To live an immersive literary experience
  • To create a unique parent-child moment (when possible)

Presentation of the musical tale, musical artistic activity for a group of children

Each session begins with the presentation of instructions and the distribution of musical instruments.

Then, I read the story and I intervene with musical and educational interactions that fit into the musical story chosen for the group of children.

At the end of the tale, depending on the energy of the children, we practice a musical awakening activity related to the tale, namely: exploration of musical instruments, singing, body expression, percussive dance, etc.

At this time, the animator prioritizes moments of connection between children and parents (when participating) while developing musical skills related to the story presented.

We conclude with a return on the feelings and the experience lived during the workshop.

To pass on the passion for music to children

Musical tales for children are 45 to 60 minutes for children 3 to 9 years old.

I move everywhere in Quebec, Quebec, therefore in Thetford Mines, Victoriaville, Saint-Georges, Chaudière-Appalaches, Estrie, Beauce, Centre-du-Québec, the Capitale-Nationale region, Montreal, Montérégie, Laurentians, etc.

I offer musical tales in different places:

  • School
  • Daycar
  • Day camp
  • Library
  • Festival
  • Municipal event
  • Public and private event

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