Tuning in to the vibrations of singing crystal bowls

The vibrations of quartz crystal singing bowls resonate with our cells. By principle of resonance according to which any vibratory system tends to synchronize with the strongest system, our cells attune to the frequencies of the bowls, promoting relaxation, meditation, well-being, letting go and letting go.

But what is quartz crystal? It is a very pure quartz composed of silica and oxygen (SiO2). The human body containing silica, some prefer quartz crystal than Tibetan bowls as a working tool, the latter being made of metal, which is a foreign body to our cells.

The quartz has a specific vibratory property: piezoelectricity. When a mechanical force is applied to it, it converts it into electrical force which it releases. Our body also discharges electrical energy through piezoelectricity. Les deux énergies qui se rencontrent résonnent et s’harmonisent, par principe de résonance.

The benefits of quartz crystal singing bowls

Quartz crystal singing bowls used in sound therapy produce multi-directional sounds that hit the body in multiple places : our body perceives frequencies, even those that we do not hear.

We then live a interior massage that relaxes the cells and harmonizes them, promoting relaxation, meditation and regenerative sleep.

Other benefits of crystal singing bowl sound baths:

  • Contribute to reduce inflammation
  • Promotes the organ cleansing and the regulation of their functions
  • Stimulates the blood circulation and the immune system
  • Release emotional blockages and stagnant energies
  • Reduces stress and anxiety
  • Promotes letting go and inner freedom
  • Work on body-mind-spirit harmonization and spiritual guidance

Procedure of the sound bath with singing bowl in sound therapy

The sound baths are intended for groups of people. There can be a fair amount of individuals, provided they have space to sit or lie down comfortably, and can hear the vibrations of the bowls.

Depending on the nature of the event, each participant is invited to lie down or sit comfortably. people dress in warm clothes, as the body temperature decreases during the bran bath. They can bring a yoga mat, a cushion, a chair, in short, this they need to be comfortable and relaxed.

We begin by relaxing and becoming aware of our bodies in order to allow the therapeutic work of the sound bath. I then use the crystal singing bowls for 60 minutes. We conclude with a short discussion on the feelings of the participants.

The sound baths crystal singing bowls combine with activities with the same regenerative intention, such as: 

  • yoga or meditation session
  • municipal events
  • festivals and public events related to well-being
  • parties and private events
  • old people's homes and accommodation center
  • hospital and healthcare center
  • respite home and support environment for vulnerable people
  • spa and health center

Témoignages de gens heureux après un bain de son

The experience connects me each time to my inner light and the light around me. I travel with the sounds that balance my vibration. THANKS!

It was really a beautiful experience to combine yoga with a vibrational concert. The projected sounds made it possible to enter a state of calm and meditation in a much more intense way than with music projected by loudspeaker. A beautiful moment to refocus and perceive unconscious messages from body and mind. 🎶🙏✨

To vibrate in the sound bath of quartz crystal bowls

I offer sound baths for different occasions to promote connection to our feelings.

The duration of sound baths can be modified. 

I move everywhere in Quebec, therefore in Thetford Mines, Victoriaville, Saint-Georges, Chaudière-Appalaches, Estrie, Beauce, Centre-du-Québec, the Capitale-Nationale region, Montreal, Montérégie, Laurentians, etc.

To know my pricescontact me at info@charlesostiguy.com.

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