Tools to feel as a human

In my approach which aims to feel us as human in our different sensitive manifestations, I have made different tools that I share for free under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International license.

I use these tools during my sound therapy sessions, in sound healing during a sound bath or in an individual session. 

Crystal singing bowl tracks and binaural sound

I propose to you two albums that I use in sound therapy. Each has 7 tracks, one per crystal bowl.

The Solo du Cristal contains one track per crystal singing bowl, each corresponding to one of the seven main chakras. We listen to a track for specific needs proven in sound therapy, sound therapy. Whether it is to meditate, relax or create a peaceful, spiritual and harmonious atmosphere, crystal singing bowls soothe the mind and harmonize the body-intellect-spirit balance.

L'Artéfact Cristallin contains a binaural sound track per crystal singing bowl, each corresponding to one of the seven main chakras. It must be listened to with headphones. A binaural sound or beat for each track is applied, varying from 1 to 8 hertz. Binaural sound promotes concentration, meditation, sleep and relaxation.


Charter of chakas and list of positive affirmations

I propose to you a chakra chart. These elements are discussed for each chakra:

  • Name, color and symbol
  • Location
  • Representation on being
  • Effective function
  • Blockage symptoms
  • stone to use
  • Music note
  • Mantra
  • Color

Download the chakra chart for free

I use list of positive affirmations to be used for each chakra. Depending on your needs, you can select a few affirmations to repeat during your meditation or chanting sessions, for example.

Download positive affirmations to heal the chakras.

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